Art Company

Custom framed and matted art prints to match the decor of your home or office

Crafting Your Picture

High Quality Materials

  In crafting each and every picture we start with having the print copied onto a thick stock paper. Next we use real wood frames which are sanded and stained in the color finish that was chosen by you, the customer, then hung up for several hours to dry. Our slow drying method seems to work well in allowing each frame time to cure completely, the end result being a beautiful, uniform color.

Attention to Detail

 All of our pictures are crafted with a durable dust cover on the back. The dust cover is made from thick, brown, kraft paper.It is attached to the back of the frame with a bead of glue on each side, then is pressed on, giving it a complete seal, protecting your picture from dust and debris for years to come.

Final Touches

  In completing your picture we use metal eye-screws and thick hanging cable. The eye-screws are deeply screwed into the frame, then the thick cable is securely attached to each one, giving the cable the ability to hold many times the weight of your picture and giving you the confidence to be able to hang your personalized, hand-crafted picture anywhere without the fear of it falling due to inadequate hardware.